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Magnafloc LT 27

MAGNAFLOC ® LT 27 is very high molecular weight non-toxic anionic polyacrylamide flocculent supplied as a free flowing granular powder. it is approved by the United Kingdom Department of the Environment and the United States. Environmental Protection Agency.

Principal Uses
MAGNAFLOC LT ® 27 has found application in a wide variety of sugar and water treatment operations including the following:

  • Clarification of raw cane and beet sugar in both sedimentation and flotation clarification.
  • Filtration of mud from subsider to recover entrained sugar juice .
  • Waterworks sludge dewatering.
  • Sedimentation of process fines and tailings.
  • Conditioning aids for drying beds and filtration.
  • Reduction of alum dosage in precipitation of coloured and colloidal matter.
  • Dosage depends on application but normally lies in the range 2-200 g/tonne of dry substrate flocculated.

Physical From Off –white granular powder
Particle Size 95%<1000PM>
Bulk Density 0.75/CM3
pH of 1% solution at 250C 7.0
Viscocity at 250C See graph and table
Free acylamide Less than 0.025%

Application and Storage

Recommended solution concentrations:
Stock solution 0.25-0.5% MAX

Feed solution 0.025-0.05%

Recommended storage periods:
Solid up to two years.

Stock solution 1-2 days
Free acylamide Less than 0.025%
Storage of polymer should be in a cool, dry place.
Details on preparation and feeding can be obtained from BASF Representative